IBDP Mathematics Higher Level

You can access mathematics higher level resources in this page. Use the left side menu to choose topic wise lessons. These topic wise lessons contains explanations with diagrams and interactive lessons made with Geogebra. These Geogebra applets takes few minutes to get load. Skill builder question  and exam style questions worksheets are given at the end of each lesson. 

Also you can access syllabus guide, formula booklet and math internal assessment marking criteria from the tab given below. The list of useful mathematical graphing software accessing link are given at the end of the page.

Higher Level Course documents for reference

Syllabus guide
Formula Booklet
IA Marking Criteria
Command Terms

Math Higher Level Syllabus Outline

Syllabus Outline

All topics are compulsory. Students must study all the sub-topics in each of the topics in the syllabus as listed in this guide. Students are also required to be familiar with the topics listed as prior learning.

Topic 1


Topic 2

Functions and equations

Topic 3

Circular functions and trigonometry

Topic 4


Topic 5

Statistics and probability

Topic 6


Option Syllabus Content

Topic 7

Statistics and probability

Topic 8

Sets, Relations and Groups

Topic 9


Topic 10

Discrete Mathematics

Mathematical exploration

Internal assessment in mathematics HL is an individual exploration. This is a piece of written work that involves investigating an area of mathematics.

Useful Mathematical graphing software

The following mathematical graphing programme are very useful in learning mathematics  and also to develope mathematics Internal assessments. 

TI nspire
Casio fx CG 20

Click here to download free math graphing software Geogebra.

Click here to download Math graphing software " Autograph Math".

Desmos free online graphing programme. 

Download 90 days trial "Casio fx CG-20 Emulator"